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Your Story

Do you have a story that you would like to share with us, an experience that you have had with Sir Jack,  a particular race or event or perhaps a memory that makes you smile?

Let us know all about it and we can add it to our website.  We will fully reference all materials, including your photographs.

Contact us by clicking on "
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We look forward to hearing from you and posting your Story on this page along with the others already received.

The Tribute song to Sir Jack Brabham by the Melbourne Band, "The Hustlers"

Date Added: 7/7/2013
Such a great song belted out by The Hustlers in  tribute to Sir Jack and his many achievements.  Many good photos, but particularly the one at the end!


Sir Jack and the very powerful motorbike

Date Added: 16/7/2012
From Brian Ford - Sir Jack rode the bike in about 1992 or 1993 in its earlier state.  Brian rode the bike daily and he and his wife toured New Zealand on it several times in the summers.  The bike has completed over 30,000 miles and has been trouble free.  Brian still rides the bike once in a while.


RichardsF1.com interview with Sir Jack in June 2012

Date Added: 9/6/2012
Richard Bailey, of the Australian website RichardsF1.com, recently had an interview with Sir Jack which is available here at: RichardsF1.com

Richard says it was a true honour to meet the legend of Australian motorsport and is delighted to share this interview with his many fans from around the world.  The interview followed the recent replaying of Australian Story on the ABC featuring Sir Jack.

RichardsF1.com is one of the largest and most popular motorsport websites in the Asian-Pacific region with over 200,000 readers in over 150 countries.


An interesting photo from 1957

Date Added: 6/6/2012
With thanks to Tom Singfield of the UK and Silver City Association archives, this photo shows a Cooper car being loaded onto an aircraft at Lydd Airport, reportedly for the 1957 Le Mans race.

Jack Brabham is on the left and we think Ian Raby is on the right - any other information would be welcomed.


another old photo ...

Date Added: 22/8/2011

Jack Brabham in No 30 with Tommy Bradshaw in No 13 and Norm Jackson in No 2.  Jack was driving the Jennings/Reed V twin and the event was at Cumberland Oval circa 1950.  The Parramatta Football Stadium now stands on the site.  Photo with thanks to Brian Darby.


Sir Jack's first race car #28, several years on ...

Date Added: 11/7/2011

Brian Darby kindly sent in this photo taken by Gary Reid at Bankstown on 9 July.

The car is driven by its co-owner, Andrew Halliday. 

More photos from the Memorial Day here:




The new suburb in Perth, Western Australia

Date Added: 2/5/2011

Congratulations Sir Jack!

Western Australian Lands Minister, Brendon Grylls announced at a ceremony on Sunday that the suburb near Caversham in Perth's north-east, would be named Brabham.  The new suburb would take in the Caversham Motor Racing Circuit reserve where Sir Jack raced in the early days of his motor racing carrer, Mr Grylls said.


Query on this car sent in for identification

Date Added: 16/11/2010
The history behind the car was revealed:

It is the ex Ron Ward built, ex Eric Morton - Garry McClenahan Vauxhall #23 - thanks to Brian Darby and his extensive knowledge!


Can you help? Workshop manual for BT 36

Date Added: 13/10/2010
A Museum in Denmark has a Brabham-Repco Hill Climb chassis no BT 36 x 1.  The chassis is built to the same standard as the Formula 1 chassis and has a special 5 ltr version of the Repco 740 series engine giving 450 hp.  It won the British Hill Climb Championship twice with Mike McDowel as driver.

Sommer's Automobile Museum, in Denmark requires (and will pay for) a copy of the workshop manual.  If you can help, please contact Ole Sommer, Sommer's Automobile Museum, Naerum Hovedgade 3, DK 2850 Naerum, Denmark or email OS@e-sommer.dk.


Motorlife Museum, Wollongong - opening of Brabham Room - Adam Jasper

Date Added: 6/7/2010

On 13 June 2010 Sir Jack visited the Motorlife Museum at Kembla Grange, NSW for the opening of the Brabham Room.  There was a very large crowd there to welcome Sir Jack and he was gracious enough to take time to sign autographs for everyone.  Many people had pictures of his cars of which three were there on the day.  They were works of art - the two formula cars and one speedcar.

I was lucky enough to meet Sir Jack and he signed a couple of things for me, one was a race program from Warwick Farm from the 1960's but the other was something that was mentioned by Jim Scaysbrook's story on this website.  The story was about Sir Jack's passion for motorcycles and how he was entered into the Bathurst TT junior race in 1948.  I have that original race program and Sir Jack graciously signed it on the page where he was entered #100 in that race.

When Sir Jack opened the Brabham Room he told of how Wollongong was one of his first memories and how he stayed at his uncle's place down there and how he terrorised the streets long before Wayne Gardner ever did.  


It was also said how Sir Jack is an artist as well.  I would love to see some of his work as I am an artist as well.  This is a painting I did on my garage wall of Sir Jack at Monaco as part of a mural I am doing of all the racing greats - also there is a photo of a drawing I have done of my grandfather on a Rudge motorbike which he used to race (wish we still had the bike.  He also had a Bugatti sports car which I definitely wish we still had).

It was a great day there with a great turn out in respect to Sir Jack and all of his achievements.  The Museum is well worth a look as there is some great history there (as are all the motor museums). 

As with the race programs they are a great piece of history too and other than this website and people like Jim Scaysbrook who keep stories alive it would be a piece of history lost.  I am glad I have the Bathurst race program as it preserves a piece of Australian race history and shows what a legend Sir Jack is by being able to race anythig from Formula cars, speedcars and of course motorbikes.

Thanks again Sir Jack and thanks to the people from the museum for a great day.

Adam Jasper

Speed on Tweed 2009

Date Added: 9/9/2009
Great weather and interesting line up of cars:

Scott Gordon - loyal fan

Not quite sure of who everyone is ....


Photo courtesy Glenis Lindley, photographer(glindley@bigpond.net.au)
Sue Dilger CASTROL Sponsorhsip and PR manager)


Brabham and Hulme at Longford 1965/66 from Ellis French

Date Added: 8/9/2009
Great photos sent in by Ellis French - taken many years ago:

1965 Longford, Australia

Brabham 1966

Brabham and Cook

Brabham and Hulme

Jim Clarke an Jack Brabham

Denny Hulme

Repco Brabham refuel

Repco Brabham transporter


Early photo

Date Added: 7/9/2009
Sent in by Terry McGrath - many thanks

Copyright:  Terry McGrath Motoring Achives


"Australian Story" programme - some Aussies have their say ...

Date Added: 18/8/2009
In response to the ABC's "Australian Story" (see our News section of this site), below are a selection of emails received ... Aussies know an icon when they see one!!

"You outlive the bastards Jack, you are an Australian icon.  Best wishes for a long and enjoyable life"  Noel W

"I am a big fan and it's amazing what you have achieved - you really inspire and motivate me"  JK

"I viewed the ABC story last night about our living legend Sir Jack Brabham, a great story ... I met him briefly during his booksigning in 2004 and he did get a standing ovation from a packed house - may he live many more years!!"  GM

"Australian Story last night was wonderful I really enjoyed it and was glad to see that Sir Jack is receiving the accolades he deserves"  Scott, Qld

"Great story mate"  Bashful Baz

"After just watching Australian Story featuring Sir Jack Brabham, I would love to send him a special card to wish him a happy 50th anniversay of his championship win"  DW

"Mr Brabham, I have just finished watching your story on the ABC program and can't believe that more Australians don't know what you have achieved ... you are a real inspiration and one of the best this country has ever produced Mr Brabham, I hope that one day I get an opportunity to meet you"  LM

"I wish to apologise to Jack on behalf of all Australians that he has not had the recognition he deserves from his home country ... I wish him good health in his twilight years.  All the best Jack from an admirer of all you have achieved.  Good health mate"  LM

"You truly are a source of national pride, an inspiration .... I wish good health and happiness to yourself and Lady Margaret"  MB

"I remember Jack racing in his Cooper Bristol at Mt Druitt in the 1950's - was the quickest by far then and already showing his ability ... keep on keeping on Jack - you are a legend."  WM


1950's midget car racing fans

Date Added: 16/7/2009
If anyone has any programmes or photos relating to this era, particularly Ron Ward or Kevin Bennett, please send us an email.

Coming soon .... very vintage photos from the collection of Mr Alex Hastie

Date Added: 24/6/2009

more to come shortly ....

July 2009 - so many photos ...

Early Australian motor racing Mt Druitt 1953 - Mark IV fitted with a 1000 cc HRD engine from second hand motorcycle


Photos from France

Date Added: 17/2/2009

Thanks again to Christophe Thiery - his uncle owned the garage in France where these rare photos were taken.


Rare photos

Date Added: 3/1/2009
With many thanks to Mr Alex Hastie, Sydney, NSW, Australia,  who has provided permission for the use of these photographs on this website.

From learning to drive in his early teens on the mid north coast of NSW during WW2, Alex quickly developed a life long interest in the automobile.

Alex is an avid motor racing enthusiast who attended many events during the late 1940's and 1950's including those at Mt Druitt, Albert Park, Bathurst and the Redex Trials in Australia. 

Alex's other interest at the time was still photrography which provided him with a unique opportunity to capture the images of the day.  The photographs as below are a hand-picked sample of Jack Brabham from his prized collection.





Many thanks to Mr Alex Hastie


That car . . . answer from Dave Williamson

Date Added: 8/12/2008
From further down this page, we posted an old photo "We know who the driver is, but what is the car?".  Well now Dave has stated the car is: "a Maserati 250F and was Moss's own car.  The car was purchased by Ken Gregory (Moss's manager) and was funded by Moss's father.  This happened a year prior to Moss going to Mercedes".  Thanks Dave


Eastern Creek International RaceWay, Sydney, NSW Australia

Date Added: 30/11/2008
The Eastern Creek Historic Car Race Meetingis an annual event for motor racing enthusiasts.

Scott Gordon sends these photos and said "...the most prolific cars were without a doubt, Brabhams so I was in heaven.  How great was Sir Jack - his cars featured in every formula that must have existed, I even saw a Brabham Buick!!"


From Bjorn on transporters

Date Added: 16/11/2008
The transporter business in motor-racing is just a tiny bit in the overall picture.  A lot of people know or research every little detail on racecars as to when, what or where etc but transporters is very difficult to research.

Any information on the pictures below would be welcome - we will pass on the information to Bjorn - particularly the colours of the transporters.  Over time the blues or greens may have changed from the original photographs - any ideas of colours?

Commer van and open trailer for Lotus 24 and first BT3 in 1962 - Phil Kerr at the back

Bedford O type from Cooper as referred to me by Sir Jack as "an old Cooper transporter".

Capture from an old film

Plaxton Bedford bought in 1964 ready for 1966 and used into 1970 (Well we know that's Bob Illich with the champagne!)

The 1964-65 blue Bedford TK - big surprise that it was blue

Brabham Racing Organisation circa 1967


photos taken from Eastern Creek, Muscle Car Masters . . .

Date Added: 13/9/2008

From Scott Gordon - Eastern Creek had a great display of Aussie race cars.  Below are photos of the BT 24 owned by Brian Wilson - I thought you might be interested in the photos.  I hope Sir Jack is fighting fit like a true champion!


The 1938 Packard . . .

Date Added: 10/9/2008
This is the photo from the News section of this site with Sir Jack and Terry Hobson sitting in the back of this vehicle.  Here is the story of the car from Terry Hobson, Gold Coast, Queensland:

"My wife and I decided to go to Green's Motor Museum (Sydney) which had closed down and the entire stock of bits and cars were being auctioned  - unreserved.  The purpose of our visit was to see the two Packards up for grabs and I wanted to see what they were worth.

Some of the cars were expensive but others were not but my wife encouraged me to have a bid.  Nothing was of my fancy except the second last item, a 1938 Packard.  It was listed as a 1936 but I couldn't see the car because of the crowds that were around the vehicles.  The Packard finally came up and as usual started very low.  I was once again encouraged to bid but unfortunately I just kept bidding; I just wasn't going to be beaten even though I did not have the funds to purchase any of the cars.  There I was, the top bid, no money and hadn't even seen the car I had bought until the crowds had subsided!  It wasn't until it arrived home that the true extent of my ways settled in - I borrowed the money and used the car on various rallies and outings.

I already had a 1937 Packard 120 purchased from the Newman family (Newman's Bus Company, Longueville, Sydney) so in 1984 we moved to Queensland and so did our two Packards.  The Packard 120 was the most frequently used until 2003 when I decided to sell the car which had been known for many years as "Belinda".

The 1938 Packard had become a "car in the shed" syndrome and was a sad case, not how a great car should be so the money I received from "Belinda" was gong to finance "Edmund" or so I thought.  "Edmund" was named after Edmund Resch, Jnr, of Reschs Brewery fame, the car's original owner and is a very rare vehicle - a restoration was started with all of the mechanical, upholstery materials, tyres, rubber etc and anything needed coming from the USA.
Some parts had to be made here but the majority were purchased off the shelf, even though the car is rare (only 4.2% of Super 8 Packards have survived), everything off the shelf fitted just as if it was a modern day car.

My love of Packards came from meeting Mr Max Hood of Fowler Rex Pty Limited in Sydney many years ago, who came into the place I was working at the time and offered some work in replacing a "bit of timber" in his car. I volunteered as I needed some extra money at the time but by the time I inspected the car, the steam cleaner had destroyed every piece of timber in it!   The car was a 1938 16th series Packard and I had never seen a car so massive!  I set out to rebuild this great beast every weekend for about six months.  Max would come down at the weekend to check progress usually in his 1934 Packard - Max would purchase a Packard or a Cadillac, fix them up and either sell them or just hang onto another rare piece of history.  He would just add another shed across the rear of his backyard and I think he had eight Packards at one stage, all different and rare.

After I had purchased the 1937 Packard from the Newman family, I rang Max to tell him and he said, in his usual gentlemanly manner:  "Congratulations Terry, just remember once the bug bites, it won't let go".  How true this statement is, as all automobile lovers well know!


Great Aussie!

Date Added: 3/6/2008
My name is Scott Gordon I am 30 years old and a great fan of Sir Jack's.  What a wonderful ambassador for Australian Motorsport he is and without a doubt Australia's greatest ever driver.  His achievements which I believe rival Sir Donald Bradman's, sadly in this country, are too often forgotten.  Back in 1996 when I was 17 years old, I wrote a letter to Sir Jack telling him how great I thought he was.  To my surprise he wrote a letter back to me along with two signed posters of the 30th anniversary of his 3rd world title.

Since then I have witten to every alive F1 world champion in the hope of obtaining their autograph which I have had great success in doing so, however not one has taken the time to write a letter back to me.

In 2004 at OZ GP I had the absolute privilege of meeting this wonderful man, he was signing copies of his book:  The Jack Brabham Story".  I was lucky enough to have my photo taken with him and shake his hand (as below).


Sir Jack came across as such an unaffected, humble man and a gentleman.  Before reading his book I knew he was great but my God, was he that good; the best driver/mechanic engineer ever!

I have also seen him at Bathurst in 1998 and 2002 which (correct me if I am wrong) was the 80th anniversary of Repco where he did a demonstration lap in the BT19.


I wish him all the best in health and happiness for his future and hope to see him at some Meet in the future.

Kind regards, Scott Gordon.

Thank you for your kind comments Scott - we agree that Sir Jack is a Great Aussie indeed!


from Gergely Gabris, Budapest, Hungary

Date Added: 26/5/2008
I am aged 23 and I've been watching F1 ever since I can remember as my grandad was a big fan and I watched it with him from a very early age.  I am very interested in engineering (completing university studies in computer technology) and Sir Jack is an obvious favourite for me, having been World Champion both as driver and as constructor.

The black and white photo is at the 1966 British GP and the other 1965 Belgium (not quite sure of the copyright).

I am pleased to hear that Sir Jack is well again - he is a wonderful man and I hope all his health worries are behind him now.  I wish you and Sir Jack all the best.  I never fail to be amazed how helpful Australian people always are.

Thanks Gergely, we love the photos!


from Ken Devine, Western Australia

Date Added: 9/3/2008
Hi, I live in WA and have been following motorsport for many years.  I took a lot of photos at local events which I now display at every opportunity as I like other people to enjoy the old photos.  I don't know what I thought when I took this or any other photo - maybe the photos would be important history one day.  The photos are now shown on a couple of website and I enjoy the comments on them.  Regard Ken Devine.



From Christophe Thiery, France

Date Added: 9/1/2008
The photographs were taken in 1959 at Rouen les Essarts and involve Christophe's aunt and uncle, Jean and Andre Thiery.  They are rare and we thank the Thiery family for their kindness in sharing them.

© Thiery
Do you know who it is?

"In front of the garage"

© Thiery
"My uncle helping the team"
© Thiery
"What a mechanic!"

© Thiery
"To the circuit"
© Thiery
"The cars have arrived"

© Thiery
"Jack Brabham, 1959"
© Thiery

© Thiery

© Thiery

© Thiery

© Thiery

© Thiery
"The garage in Rouen"

Thanks Christophe, we enjoyed looking at your family treasures!

Speed on Tweed 2007

Date Added: 13/9/2007

Great to see so many vintage cars and enthusiastic fans of all ages who were lining up to meet Sir Jack.  The Speed on Tweed organisers did a splendid job with one spectator commenting:  "Where else, except Australia, could you see some fine examples of motor racing cars just sitting around in paddocks for all to see, close up?"  Indeed we agree and a great weekend for all who attended.

Speed on Tweed has now been running for five years, is based at Murwillumbah, northern New South Wales and is a three day festival with one of the greatest displays of historic grand prix racing cars ever assembled in Australia.  Thanks to Tania for looking after Sir Jack - even legends have to eat lunch!

The famous BT19 with its famous driver and constructor.  It was also great to see Ron Tauranac attending Speed on Tweed as well - please see notes below.

Sir Jack being interviewed by Channel 10 Journalist.  Sir Jack is wearing the black caps with the Brabham logo - he also signed so many of those posters we thought he would get writer's cramp.  There were so many people who queued up just to shake his hand and say "Thanks for all you have done".

There are many highlights in a girl's life:  marriage, giving birth and overseas travel.  Although I live in hope of one day owning a shoe factory, this is the next best thing and a definite hightlight for me.  The BT19 is owned by Repco but the "curator" is Nigel from Melbourne who very kindly helped me in and out of the car which is no mean feat!  I could not understand why I wasn't given the keys which Nigel may have hidden from me.  A very famous car which made history and this photo is one for my grandchildren.  To you Nigel:  many thanks from Gail Casey

The famous BT19 with "minders" although everyone had to chance to get up close to it and other cars displayed.

The 2007 Festival of Speed on Tweed had three icons of Australian motor sport - Sir Jack Brabham, Ron Tauranac and the world championship Repco Brabham, all together again after 40 years.  Ron Tauranac is the man who awakened the world to Australian engineering talent in motor sport.  An engineering perfectionist, he designed a string of winning monopostos, not least the Brabhams which won the 1966 and 1967 world championship.  These cars were powered by Repco V8s developed in house by Repco in Melbourne, so it was a totally Australian Formula 1 victory which may never be repeated.



Hope you feel better Sir Jack . . . from Brian Darby

Date Added: 30/8/2007
I have sent this photo for Sir Jack - it is his old car driven by Andrew Halliday last May at Bankstown, NSW.

The photo was taken by the Vintage Speed Car Association of NSW Club photographer, Rhys Crosskill.

Automobile Restorers' Association, Gold Coast

Date Added: 8/8/2007
Good to see Sir Jack getting some sunshine after his recent illness and taking in some of the cars owned by members of the Automobile Restorers' Assocation:    '38 Packard Limo, '77 LTD, '23 Model T, '55 Morris Minor, '68 Mini Cooper S, '51 Twin spinner Ford Custom.

The President, Terry sitting with Sir Jack in the back of his '38 Packard Limo - note the Tommy gun and hat!

The front of that magnificent car, Sir Jack, Alan Casey and Terry - probably trying to figure out how many miles to the gallon the limo would get!  We understand the car was previously owned by the Resch family (Brewery company).

"One Cooper driver to another - what a thrill for me" .  The photos are courtesy of  Russ Hastings in front of his '68 Mini Cooper S.  "Thank Sir Jack very much for the pleasure he has given me and the whole of Australasia and untold other countries of the world".

An update on the day in their newsletter "The Taleshaft" further states "Sir Jack told me how when the Mini was introduced in 1959 it turned the motoring world on its ear, never a car with performance and handling like it before.  He knows his cars.  He was still pretty sharp too, reeling off to Ken all the circuits in NZ that he raced on and there were quite a few.  You know the expression 'lovely man', Well, that's him".

About the Club:  The Automobile Restorers' Association of the Gold Coast have about 40 members and accept any make of car as long as it is over 30 years of age.  They meet on the 4th Monday of the month in rooms at the Nerang PCYC at 7.45 pm and have regular Sunday and mid-week runs as well as occasional overnight weekend rallies to places such as Maleny, Murwillumbah, Ipswich and Grafton.  Each year on the first Sunday of April they host a huge Gold Coast Super Swap at the Carrara Sports Complex.  Last year they included a Show 'n Shine and a Hot Rod display for the first time. 

                                                         Ken with Sir Jack in front of the '55 Morris Minor

You can email us here if you wish to be put in contact with the Club.



This is a famous photo and here is Bob Ilich's Story

Date Added: 4/4/2007

The four team members in the photo are: Centre holding the flowers: Roy Billington (deceased) from New Zealand - Jack’s long standing Chief Mechanic the only team member to commence the 1966 Repco Brabham 3 litre V8 engine program.

Standing up in front of the transporter is Hughie Absolom from Wales – he came from Jack Brabham’s garage in Chessington for this 1966 Repco V8 program.

Standing in the doorway at the back is Cary Taylor from New Zealand.

Sitting on the step in front holding the magnum of champagne is me, Bob Ilich from Perth, Western Australia.

Both Cary Taylor and myself came from Jack Brabham Conversions in Woking, Surrey for the 1966 Repco V8 program.

Read more about this photo (what really happened with the magnum bottle of champagne) written by Bob Ilich by clicking on here:  From Bob Ilich.pdf



Bob Ilich's story about this photo

Date Added: 4/4/2007

This is the Brabham Racing Organisation Dennis Hulme 1967 World Championship winning team photo. It was taken at a celebration dinner for Dennis Hulme put on by Esso Petroleum (one of Jack’s main sponsors) and organized by their competitions manager, Mr Geoff Murdoch, held in London, 1967. The “original painting” on the easel was taken from a photo of Dennis Hulme’s F1 Repco Brabham V8 racing car flying through the air on one of the bumps at the 1967 Nurburgring Grand Prix which he won.

The nine team members, right to left, are: Jack Brabham (Australia), Ron Tauranac (Australia), Jack’s partner in Motor Racing Developments, John Judd (Rugby England) came from Coventry Climax to help with design work on Repco V8 engine program, Cary Taylor (New Zealand), Bob Ilich in front (Perth, Western Australia), Roy Billington (front) New Zealand Chief Mechanic, Dennis Hulme (back) New Zealand, Ian Lees (Melbourne, Australia) and John Muller (New Zealand).

Bob Ilich March 2007 ©


Kind permission of Bob Ilich - BT21B

Date Added: 4/4/2007

The photo was taken in April, 1972 at Wanneroo Park Racing Circuit in Perth, Western Australia when Jack Brabham was in Perth on promotional work.  I was asked if Jack could have a drive of my car at the Sunday race meeting.

Of course I said "yes" and was quite over whelmed with the idea.  During my particular race I couldn't drive my car properly knowing Jack was watching!

The car is a 1967 Brabham BT21B with a rare Cosworth 1500 cc SCB single overhead cam gear driven engine (which was one of three pre-test engines leading up to the development of the FVA 1600 cc twin cam four valve engine).  With Jack Brabham's help in selecting the Cosworth SCB engine, I purchased the brand new Brabham BT21B from Motor Racing Developments, run and owned by Ron Tauranac and Jack Brabham out of my percentage of the winnings, being one of the team members when Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme won both World Championships in 1966 and 1967 with the Repco Brabham 3 litre V8 engine cars.

I fulfilled all my boyhood dreams and with a lot of hard work I went on to win the Western Australian Road Racing F2 Championship in 1971 with the BT21B at Wanneroo Park.

Bob Ilich March 2007 ©


Birthday Greetings!

Date Added: 15/3/2007

Sir Jack on his 81st birthday viewing the hard copies of birthday greetings shown below.

Happy Birthday to Sir Jack Brabham

My husband and I had the great honour and priviledge to meet Sir Jack Brabham at the recent Shannons Phillip Island Classic (9-11 March). When Sir Jack's charming companion asked if I would like to have my photograph taken with Sir Jack I literally leapt at the opportunity.

Although belated, very best birthday wishes to a Living Legend - may you have many, many more! from Michael and Valerie Rowe

Niki Auda, Norway

Happy birthday, Jack!

from a


Hansje, Netherlands,

I hope I will be 81 years old too one day...I will sign for it

And still play GPL ofcourse

A lot of happy and healthy days, Sir Jack


"Miklkit", USA

Happy Birthday Sir Jack!

Click image for larger version

Name:	66_brabham_bt20.jpg
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Size:	207.6 KB
ID:	418114

Grahame Campbell, Australia

Happy 81st birthday Sir Jack. Thanks for the inspiration and for showing us all what Aussies could achieve in sport and life. Thanks for being part of the speedcar scene in the late 40's, early 50's

"M Needforspeed", Toulouse, France

France local time : 00H12

I wanted to be the first to wish


My best wishes for the great man.

Perhaps he will remember the "canopy" Brabham's after the historic Monza 67 race, he tried too at Albi end of September 67 Formula 2 race.  Both circuits were fast ones and for Albi, he tested it and adopted it for the race.

I doubt he has this pic ... a small present


"Rindtslotus", Pittsburg, USA

The sport just isn't the same without you !!!!!!!!!!!
You gave me great memories at the Glen!!!

You were the first F-1 driver I saw in person and this is the photo I took of you ... I was in awe!!! Photo is at the Glen, 1968

from Rich (Rachet1)

Best wishes to you Sir Jack on your 81st birthday!
Thank you for all the good memories we have of your years competing in Formula 1 & other racing series. Also for the many contributions you have made to motorsports. May you have many more!

"Sandy", Melbourne Australia:

Happy Birthday Jack. You have been my hero for fifty years. A truly great Australian.

Jerone Inen, The Netherlands (1965)

Happy birthday, Sir.

Fantastic to see a champ reach such a ripe age.

"LOLE" Army Officer, Belgium, 1954

Happy Birthday Champion!  (and hello to you Doug!).

Happy Birthday Sir and thanks for all those beatiful and thrilling moments of the past!  Hope to meet you again in Goodwood!  From a Belgian fan and admirer.


Happy Birthday, Legend!

And thanks for the fantastic moments of motor racing!

Vince Howlett, Victoria BC, Canada (member of the Canadian Motor Sport History Group)

All the best on your birthday, Sir Jack!  We hope you enjoyed your trip to western Canada last year!

Ursula Atkins

Happy Birthday Sir Jack,

I have such wonderful memories of you racing and want to thank you again for your gracious response when I wrote to you about my Dad, Tommy Atkins.

I've seen you several times at Goodwood ad it's wonderful to see you having such fun.  Best wishes.

S. Beuchert, Europe

We at GPLRACER have a race sheduled for this day (race simulator computer program)

We decided to celebrate Sir Jacks birthday with a spec race : 67's Brabhams only at a track Jack Brabham won in this saison :

Circuit Bugatti

Guest are welcome

Happy birthday Jack 

"Sterling49", near Brands Hatch, UK

Happy Birthday Jack, I still miss the turquoise and yellow/green and gold cars that I saw you race at Brands Hatch and still feel for you, after you ran out of fuel on the last lap at the 1970 British Grand Prix. 

Here's to enough "fuel" for many more years.

ex Rhodie racer

Many happy returns Champ.  As an engineer and driver you were in a class of your own

"Macoran", The Netherlands

I'll have a pint on your  health Sir!!

Probably one of the first of the "garagistes" as Enzo would have it.

Happy  Birthday from Marc Fenijn

"J P Hovercraft", Canada

Happy Birthday, Sir Jack, and thank you for everything you've given to the sport of motor racing!

Many happy returns!

D-Type, Surrey England

Happy birthday, Sir Jack,

from one who was born on your 21st birthday, 2 April 1947.

"Pedro 917" - Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Happy Birthday tiger!!

Many happy returns!!

another great photo from Pedro 917:

    Pedro talking to Sir Jack, driver presentation, Spa 1970.

T54 - Newport Beach, California, USA:  www.tsrfcars.com

Happy Birthday Sir Jack!

Bjorn Kjer, Denmark

Happy birthday Sir Jack.

Thanks for all the great memories and for answering my mails in the past year!

Bjorn (1946) Danmark

KingsleyRob - Cheshire, UK


Here is a treasured photo - taken at the Oulton Park Gold Cup meeting in 2004 where you were Grand Marshal.

You kindly signed my 1967 Gold Cup programme again - right next to where you signed it when I was a boy of 12! We were all a bit younger then...

Here's to many more years - a great living legend!


From the Turner Family:

Happy birthday Sir Jack.

We know the term has been overused by some, but you are a truly great Australian, and, have been an inspiration to many from home and abroad. We wish you and you family all the very best for your special day. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. It was a privilege to watch you race.

Kind regards from the Turners.

Murray Lord, Sydney, Australia:

Happy birthday Sir Jack. I have fond memories of the couple of days I spent with you pacenoting on the west coast of Tasmania for Targa in 1994. I am glad to see you are in better shape than your M3 ended up in! I can also remember trying to keep up with you driving down through Derwent Bridge and thinking that you had a far better chance of being able to talk yourself out of a ticket than me if we got pulled over...

Kind regards
Murray Lord

Steve Carter, NSW Australia - www.capricornmedia.com.au

A very happy and hearty birthday to you Sir Jack I hope it's a bloody beauty for you. Youve been a hero for me for 40 years now and I hope for many more. Sitting at the kitchen table in a little Northern NSW town of Manilla in 1966 I religously read every newspaper report of your adventures in Europe tying up that third World Drivers Championship in my all time favourite grand prix car the BT19. That year I remember my heroes, all racing drivers, Jimmy Clark, Jim Hall and his wonderful Chaparrals and yourself. I like most 12 year olds kept our scrap books with all the stories on our heroes (I still have mine) and dreamed of the adventures ahead and if it was possible for this Aussie bloke named Jack to do what he was doing then anything was possible for us youngsters also. You gave the inspiration to travel the world working at my passion in the music business and blimey they even paid me for it - cant get any better than that. So to you sir thank you and have a great day and many more to come.

All the best

Steve Carter

Ron Ackerley

Happy Birthday Jack!

In many ways you are such a huge part of racings legacy and even now your name is revered by so many. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be able to offer my personal best wishes on your 81st Birthday and wish you many more.

All my best and cheers on this special day,

Ron Ackerley

bo bruce

Congrats on 81st!

Happy Birthday Mr. Brabham - and thanks for all you've done for F1 and the racing fan~
i met you in Indy in '67.. remember? hahaaha.... here's a salute to you and good health~

bo bruce

   Happy              Birthday



from Jim Scaysbrook, Editor, "Old Bike Australasia" - Brabham the Biker

Date Added: 14/3/2007

"With three world F1 car titles to his name, Sir Jack Brabham is one of motor racing's all-time greats. 

But the Australian legend has a secret past.  His passion for speed began on two wheels, not four"

Article and photo with courtesy from Jim Scaysbrook:

Full article by Jim here ©:     Jim Scaysbrook article.pdf


with permission of: Grahame Campbell, NSW, Australia

Date Added: 12/3/2007
To Sir Jack

"I started out in Speedway in the 1960's  with George Liebrand then drove sedans at Heddon Greata and Trallee in the 1980's and began an interest in vintage speedcars when my daughter met her husband who was living at home at the time with his parents just around the corner from the Hallidays at Ryde.

You might recall that at Goodwood in 2004 you signed the "Jack Brabham Story" for David Haliday - that was a 60th birthday present for me from my wife and I would like to thank you for that honour. 

Here at "Coota" we often debate as to who has been Australia's greatest sportsperson of all time and most say Don Bradman who was born in Cootamundra.  I always say that you are our all time best but I get howled down with comments like "you're wrong Bradman is - Brabham never faced the bowling of Harold Larwood"

Obviously they never saw the open cockpit racing which took place in the 60's!

I hope this email finds you fit and well and hope we might meet one day at a future speedway event".
Grahame Campbell, March 2007


I thought Sir Jack might like a photo of his old car.  The photo was taken at the new Sydney Showground in 2006 and I am in the red #74 Holden.  I also own the ex Barry Power VW, the car in which Noddy Bishop won 4 Victorian State titles.

Great photos from the 1950's - Brian Darby has generously sent these photos for the site:

Date Added: 3/3/2007


Brabham pushed out for the start Mt Druitt, Australia, 1955
(Brian Darby Collection)

The Frank Matich/Total Oil Company Brabham Climax on the grid at Sandown Park 1964

Jack Brabham in the Cooper Bristol, Mt Druitt, Australia 1955
(Ian Sagaris Collection)

Jack Brabham in Cooper Climax Bob Tail Sports, Mt Druitt, Australia 1955
(Ian Sagaris Collection)


Photos provided by Brian Darby highlighting Jack Brabham's early speedway career in Australia

Date Added: 3/3/2007

Many thanks to Brian for these photos to be used on the site:

Jadk Brabham poses in the #4 midget at the Sydney Sports Ground

Jack Brabham in #28 leads American frank "Satan" Brewer in #99 at the Sydney Sports Ground circa 1949

Jack Brabham leads Col James on the outside and Sel Payne at the SSG circa 1949

Jack Brabham #28 leads Sel Payne #20 at the SSG

Jack Brabham in #28 at SSG circa 1948-49

Jack Brabham in #28 leads Harry Neale at Kilburn Speedway, SA 1948 or 1949

Jack Brabham in #4 leads Bob Playfair at the SSG

Jack Brabham in the Spike Jennings/Sid Reed twin #30


If you read German, this was sent from a German fan:

Date Added: 3/3/2007


The article is from 1960


Photos courtesy of Brian Darby - motor racing and speedway enthusiast

Date Added: 3/3/2007

Jack Brabham, NSW Speedar Champion and his JAP 880 Midget #28 in 1949

Jack's American partner in helping build the car and the original driver of the Brabahm #28 midget, Johnny Schonberg, at the Sydney Show Ground when the car was brand new.

Andy McGavin #48 leads Jack Brabham in Jack's second midget, the #4 880 JAP twin at Windsor RSL Speedway, west of Sydney, Australia, 1950


For the Aussies: 1967 General Motors-Holden "Brabham" Torana

Date Added: 3/3/2007
If you remember 1967, you will remember this car in the Australian market:


Windsor (Australia) RSL Speedway 1950 - thanks to Mr George Liebrand

Date Added: 23/2/2007

Many thanks to Mr Liebrand for permission to use these shots on the website. 

Update:  Mr Liebrand said "I was just a teenager and asked Jack if I could take a photo of him - he said "yes" and then his Mum said "wait a minute Jack until I fix your collar". 

It's a great photo and says a lot!


Jack Brabham and his mother in 1950

Note from Sir Jack "I bought the car off Ted Green and only raced it two or three times before going to New Zealand with the Redex Special"     6  March 2007


Stan Coffey - Cooper Bristol leads Jack, Cooper Bristol, Mt Druitt, NSW Australia circa 1955


Jack Murray in the Bugatti Ford leading Jack Brabham in Cooper Bristol, Mt Druitt, NSW Australia circa 1955


Photos courtesy of Brian Darby -

Date Added: 22/2/2007

Jack Brabham circa 1949

Jack Brabham receives his prize of a new watch after a feature race win Sydney Sports Ground - Mr John Sherwood, Empire Speedway Promoter is far right.

Eary racing at Mt Druitt, NSW Australia - photos courtesy of Brian Darby

Date Added: 22/2/2007


The famous Redex special - Mt Druitt 1955
© Brian Darby

Brabham on Mt Druitt straight 1955
© Brian Darby

"Box Brownie" photo again from Brian Darby

Date Added: 22/2/2007

For those with a sharp eye, Brian assures us Sir Jack autographed the photo for him in later years as the Texta was not invented in 1953.

The little Cooper sporting the BRDC logo next to #8 is the BRG Dick Cobden car.


Photos from Brian Darby - motor racing and speedway enthusiast

Date Added: 22/2/2007

A "staged" accident at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway  - Cyril Anderson was in #58 and Jack Brabham #28

The photos are from the Brian Darby Collection with with a Kodak Box Brownie - Brian is shown below aged 15 years and self named "Mobilgas Kid"


Autosport magazine - 9 September 1966

Date Added: 18/2/2007
Autosport is the title of a weekly magazine covering motorsport, published in the United Kingdom every Thursday by Haymarket Publishing. It was first published in 1950 by Gregor Grant. It is often referred to as the 'Bible' of motorsport.

This is an article written by Gregor Grant in 1966.  Interestingly, Sir Jack received the Gregor Grant Award in December 2006 from Autosport which is based in the UK.

The full article is below:

gregor grant 1.pdf  gregor grant2.pdf

Line up for US Grand Prix, 1959

Date Added: 15/2/2007
The US Grand Prix was held at Sebring, Florida, United States of America in 1959.  This race was the deciding round of the 1959 Drivers' World Championship. 

On the line up grid:

19    Harry Schell in a Cooper Climax
8      Jack Brabham in a Cooper Climax
7      Stirling Moss in a Cooper Climax
2      Tony Brooks in a Ferrari
6      Maurice Trintignant in a Cooper Climax

Jack Brabham's Cooper ran out of fuel on the final lap and he pushed the car over the finishing line to claim the World Title.


Goodwood 1959 - Crash

Date Added: 7/2/2007
The car was owned by Rob Walker and driven by Stirling Moss who escaped unhurt during practice on the Goodwood circuit for the Goodwood International "100" Race.  Moss was lapping at 83 miles an hour on the wet track after a heavy thunder, rain and hailstorm when the steering column came loose.  The 2-1/2 litre Cooper-Climax spun and hit a fence, receiving damage to the bonnet.  Unfortunately the car was a new one.                                  UK


Love of flying

Date Added: 7/2/2007
Photo from:  British Aerospace Hatfield. 

from Sir Jack:  "The love of flying led to some interesting incidents: once out over the Indian Ocean with another 1,000 miles before landfall, with the Queenair on auto-pilot, one engine suddenly starved and died.  Then the other engine followed - Roy Coburn and I snapped fully alert!  We realised what had happened and dived for the fuel tank change-over cock between our seats but as we dived for the tap, our heads cracked together!  The auto-pilot had sensed our speed-loss so fought to maintain our pre-set altitude 14,000 feet by pulling up the nose.  This bled more speed so when Roy and I looked up, still dazed the Queenair was nose high, set to stall.  I recovered it, then fought to restart.  The engines' fuel injection lines had sucked in air which had to be purged before fuel could get through again.  We lost over 7,000 feel before the first one engine then the other, struck up.

"Another time I found myself blanketed in a snowstorm over Chiltern Hills near Amersham. Luckily as a hole opened in the cloud base I was able to make an emergency landing in a farm field, already under thin snow. As I taxied towards the farmhouse lights, the farmer sprinted into view, looking first furious, then stunned, then happy.  Hearing my engine he's thought somebody was stealing his tractor!


Repco factory in Melbourne, Australia from 40 years ago

Date Added: 4/2/2007
This is an interior view of the Repco Brabham Engine plant at Maidstone, Victoria, circa 1965.  In the left foreground is a jig borer capable of positioning holes to 10,000ths of an inch.  Behind this is a numerically controlled drilling boring and tapping machine.

For more information relating to Repco and Jack Brabham at that time, please view the Biography section.  We also have a DVD available (Volume Three) entitled the Golden Age of Motor Sport "Repco Brabham Story" 1966 which is found under the Memorabilia/General Merchandise section of this website.  The DVD provides a great insight into the whole Repco Brabram story.


1949 Speedway Program

Date Added: 4/2/2007
You only have to look at the date on this program for the Australian Speed Car Championship.  The price was six pence!


Indy, Gold Coast

Date Added: 4/2/2007

"just a very simple shot of Sir Jack at Indy, may have been around 1994 or 1995.  However he is always amiable and ready to speak with people".    Queensland fan


Race Time

Date Added: 4/2/2007
This photograph was given to Sir Jack by a fan.  From the look of the other cars, probably the sixties but the location is unknown - please see update below.

Update February 2007:   David Shaw advises that this is the BT23 at Warwick Farm during the 1967 Tasman Series.  It was missing the gold ring around the nose and only ran in this scheme at the Farm and Lakeside.  Apparently that is the old horse-racing stand at the Farm in the background; a building some older Sydney people may remember.  David runs a site on the Tasman Formula racing in Australia which is found under our liniks.  It is a thoroughly comprehensive record of drivers and cars during the period of 1964-69 in Australia.


Surfers Paradise, Australia

Date Added: 4/2/2007
The three current directors of the company.  It was taken at a function in Surfers Paradise where Sir Jack, together with Gary Brabham spoke about various memorable events and recounted some interesting stories.

We wondered why we all looked so young and then remembered it was 1994!


Speedway Results - Australia.

Date Added: 4/2/2007
This page records the results of Event 10 of the Australian Speedcar Derby with Mr Jack Brabham in first place.  It is dated April 1949 and the time was a new record.

The writing at the bottom states

"Unable to place positions of all finalists correctly before Race due to excessive pit noise at rear of stand". 

It is not clear however, who or what was making the noise at the back of the stand.  It is a piece of history you may enjoy.


Holding the Olympic torch

Date Added: 4/2/2007
"This shot was taken as Sir Jack was running with the Olympic Torch in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics.  A great day for him and all Australians as we celebrated the Olympic spirit."   John G


Fans of all ages

Date Added: 4/2/2007
Twin fans  -  2003


BT19 and BT20 car differences

Date Added: 4/2/2007
By email, January 2007:

Can you identify the main differences between these two cars, it is always a source of discussion.

  PDF version here:  bt19 and bt20 differences2.pdf

Editor Note:  Taken from Motor Racing Developments publication 1967, final page


Hurstville history

Date Added: 2/2/2007
This photo is probably Jack Brabham's father and is dated around 1932 - he may not have seen it before.  Hurstville resident.

Editor note:  we believe it is dated circa 1925.


Calder, Australia - 1969

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Photo taken at Calder Raceway on 14 February 1969

Regards N W


Very interesting car

Date Added: 1/2/2007

Anyone have the details on this one?


Stamp from Yemen

Date Added: 1/2/2007
I came across this stamp on the internet and did not know if Sir Jack had knowledge of it.  Please let him know about it.    J Stanley, UK.


Cooper Climax engine

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Anyone know which year 1959 or 1960?


Paul Rigby cartoon

Date Added: 1/2/2007
I forward this to Mr Brabham as I have kept it for many years.  As you may know Paul Rigby's cartoons were widely recognised throughout Australia.  You might like it for your site.    

JN, Melbourne.


Go-Karting Race

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Jack Brabham (. . . "we're not trying very hard") and Bruce McLaren.  Anyone know place even the date?


British Automobile Racing Club - 1966

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Annual Dinner Dance Programme

  Inside here:  BARC GOLD MEDAL.pdf


We know the driver but the car and the place - any ideas?

Date Added: 1/2/2007

Sir Jack could not recall the car - doesn't look too safe!



Date Added: 1/2/2007
We know who the driver is, but the car?


Name the names

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Private photo from Sir Jack's Collection taken in March l976 at Long Beach.


the British Racing Drivers' Club - 1970: Club's Awards

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Awards Night programme - Jack Brabham, Frank Gardner, Denny Hulme, Tony Trimmer and D Piper.

   Award page here:Awards.pdf

1968 "Rothmans 100" International Meeting at Surfers Paradise, Australia

Date Added: 1/2/2007
Excerpts from the booklet including "Pit News".

   Excerpts here:the drivers.pdf    Pit News here:  pit news.pdf

"Australians in Britain" dated 5 March, 1960

Date Added: 1/2/2007
"I am sending you a photocopy of this booklet which I have kept for many years.  It contains an outline of famous Australians who ventured abroad.  These Aussies mentioned are:  Shirley Abicair, Jack Brabham, Muriel Foulkes,
Joan Sutherland, Jennifer Howland, Russell Braddon and Strella Wilson.  I hope Sir Jack enjoys seeing it again.

C M Turner, Sydney Australia.

             Article here: 1959 champ mag.pdf
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